ACTV is involved in advocating for the prevention and end of torture internationally, regionally and nationally.Specifically, ACTV works on;

  1. Advocating for the prevention of torture and provision of services to survivors of torture.
  2. Increasing awareness among security agencies and the general public/community about torture and its consequences through trainings and workshops.
  3. Advocating for enactment of laws prohibiting torture and operationalize torture policies and guidelines. Heading the Coalition against Torture (CAT-Uganda), efforts to have an anti-torture law have to date yielded the passage of the Prevention and Prohibition of Torture bill by the Parliament of Uganda as at 26th April 2012.
  4. Networking for comprehensive advocacy and service provision to survivors of torture.
  5. Inspecting prisons and other places of detention. This is in partnership with the relevant security agencies especially Uganda Prisons service.
  6. ACTV is an active and subscrbed member of a number of professional associations, coaltiions and working groups on Human rights that are platforms for collective action on Human rights and governance.

ACTV is a member of:

Coalitions and Working Groups

  • ACTV is the convener of the Civil and Political Rights Cluster under the Universal Periodic Review Mechanism Project  of HURINET
  • ACTV is the chair organisation of the Coalition Against Torture (CAT) in Uganda, a loose coalition of 10 Civil Society actors with support from donors and international bodies.

ACTV sits on the working group and coaltions of;

  • Police Reform and Accountability under HURINET.
  • Human Rights Defenders under HURINET-U and the Human Rights Centre Uganda (
  • Criminal Justice Working Group of the Judicial Law and Order Sector (
  • Civil Sciety Budget Advocacy Group under FOWODE (

ACTV is actively involved in networking and collaborations with state and non state actors in the fight against torture.Among the state actors, ACTV works with;

  • The Uganda Police
  • Uganda Prisons Service.
  • All member institutions of JLOs.
  • Ministry of Health.

ACTV works with the Media, Academia and all leaders at different levels to amplify the fight against torture.